About Us

The Delaware Small Business Chamber is an independent chamber of commerce supporting local small business in Delaware and the surrounding areas. We focus on businesses with 0-100 employees and larger companies that economically support our local small business community.

DSBC offers programs and opportunities for small business owners to meet and work with their peers to help start, build and maintain their companies.

We are proud to abide by a positive code of ethics, even if it means turning down members. We are selective, approving only the members who belong to or support the backbone of the future – small business.

Mission Statement

The Delaware Small Business Chamber helps companies and individuals in the business community connect, grow and thrive through business education, events and programs, helping fill empty commercial spaces and being a voice when needed.

Vision 2020-2025

The Delaware Small Business Chamber, as an independent chamber of commerce, supports small business within the State of Delaware and the surrounding business communities with a focus on companies with 0 to 100 employees and any business that economically supports them. With statewide programs and events, we aim to help make Delaware small business friendly and improve the business climate and quality of life.

The Delaware Small Business Chamber works to help entreprenuers with small businesses.
The Delaware Small Business Chamber provides opportunities to small business owners.
The Delaware Small Business Chamber helps to start, build, and maintain small businesses.


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