The Delaware Small Business Chamber has a variety of committees that members may join to help the chamber in different ways. Each committee has a member from the Board of Directors as well as volunteers from our general membership. Most committees meet 4-6 times a year and require a minimal amount of time. We encourage all of our members to participate.




To join one of the committees below, please fill out the Application here and email it to or fax it to 302-709-2329






The Marketing Committee’s main objective is to help enhance the image of the Chamber through branding, marketing, graphic design, and copy writing.

The committee helps the DSBC maximize its ability to communicate it’s message to the membership and community as well as maintain the overall brand consistency.

The Marketing Committee focuses on increasing visibility by promoting membership benefits and events. This committee will work with all other DSBC committees pertaining to advertising, marketing, calendar of events, & other chamber related activities at scheduled Marketing committee meetings. The committee helps develop programs and literature to facilitate, teach, and provide marketing specific materials and to help to DSBC members on the marketing front.

This committee meets every other month to provide input and assist with marketing tasks.

Call the DSBC for current dates…

Chairperson:  Jane Clark

Committee members include: Brooke Miles, Nancy Dibert, Krystal Woodworth, Barbara Pettinella, Lura Taub


Scholarships & Grants

Scholarship & Grants Committee plans and organizes the scholarships and grants that are given out by the Delaware Small Business Chamber throughout the year.   The committee help to get the recipients of our scholarships to our Blue Ribbon Awards Brunch.  The Committee helps interview and select the recipients of our scholarships and reviews all grant requests.  This Committee also helps plan yearly fundraiser(s). The committee can be creative with ideas. Also recruits volunteers to work at fundraising event. Secures sponsors and sells tickets to help build the scholarship and grant funds. Grants are given to member businesses as a one-time grants to help with a purchase or item in amounts of $100-$500.

This committee currently meets quarterly or as needed.

Co-Chairperson:  Ed Kessler & Kenna Yakal

Committee members include: Coming soon!




The Events Committee is responsible for planning & implementing special events including the quarterly Bagel’s & Benefits (breakfast for new and potential members), the annual Blue Ribbon Awards Brunch, Fun Fest &  Championship Scrapple Recipe Cook-Off and the Beefsteak Dinner.  The committee is also tasked with creating new events, help raise sponsorship money, recruit vendors for tabletops, more member participation and provide volunteer\s at special events.

Though the Events Committee does not create the 6-Top Mingles, Network Mixers, Ribbon Cutting events or Educational Seminars, they do help develop new ideas and work with other committees to support those events.

The Events Committee meeting for 2017 are the 1st Monday every other month at Dom’s Pizza in Newport at 2PM –

2/6, 4/3, 6/5, 8/7, 10/2 & 12/4.

Chairperson: Megan Varley

Committee members include: Coming soon!



The membership committee’s function is to promote new and ongoing membership in the Chamber.  The membership committee works to ensure the new and existinhg businesses in Delaware, and the surrounding business communites, are aware of the benefits of membership in the Chamber.  Help recruit, cultivate, expand, and retain membership-which helps new members navigate the many programs offered by the Chamber.  The committee works with the staff and marketing committee to develop strategies to increase membership.  It also serves as a welcoming committee with door-to-door visits to new member businesses and potential members: checks in with members on renewals and looks for ways to increase member retention and the benefits of membership

The Membership Committee meets Feb. 14th, May 16th, Aug. 15th, and Nov. 14th

Co-Chairpersons: Amy Eschenbrenner & Cathy Turner

Committee members include: Coming soon!




To join one of the committees below, please fill out the Application here and email it to or fax it to 302-709-2329


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